MioPocket 4.0 (Unlock for GPS devices) video guide

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MioPocket is a free “unlock” (or “hack”) for GPS devices running Windows CE. It allows you to use your GPS device like a PDA. You can play videos and music, view images, read e-books, take notes, use the web (WiFi card or ActiveSync connection required), run the navigation app of your choice and more. MioPocket can be used with most makes and models of GPS devices, regardless of screen resolution or manufacturer (with the exception of Garmin and TomTom units, which are not Windows CE-based). To read more and to download MioPocket, visit the following link: www.gpspassion.com For reference sake, this video is of MioPocket 4.0 Release 66 on a Mio Digiwalker C320 with a 480×272 screen resolution. FYI, most of the current YouTube videos of MioPocket show v3.0 or v2.0. You can add those skins via the Old Skins Add-on (also available at the above link), but most of the cool, new features shown in this v4.0 video (like touch scrolling) are not available with the older skins (which use an older shell program).

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  1. I just got a Maestro 4700 and installed MP4 (R68). All seems fine except I would think when I choose Standby, the device would actually look like it’s off (display off), but the Lock screen comes on and stays on. It looks like the thing is about to go off where the screen flashes, but then it comes back to the Lock screen. DisplayOff actually does turn the display off, but my understanding is it uses more battery than Standby. Please help! Thank you. :)

  2. @Linkmeup82 I appreciate that. I love hearing that. Thanks a lot.

  3. @drewcu Go into MioPocket Settings and access the “Configure Standby” option to try a different standby method.

  4. @deelnyc That’s a problem with R67. Install R68, instead.

  5. For ALL Users of MioPocket – Look @ this …




  6. Hi there! I do like your UI could I get this to run on a zt-180 Zinithink Tablet I got windows ce 6.0 on it. Idea’s alot of people are looking for a good UI for It. Thanks Ed.

  7. That is just fantastic, what about the IE, i seem there was an icon as you were flipping. Can it connect to the browser by wifi?

  8. @RecoveryTTA Yes, it comes with IE, Opera Mini and Skyfire (use whichever you prefer) for browsing the web. Yes, it’ll work over WiFi, as long as your device has WiFi. Most GPS devices don’t have it built-in, so you would need to buy a WiFi SDIO card (WiFi on an SD card that goes into the SD card slot on the device). See the Readme for a few models that are known to work. Also, you can browse the web while connected over ActiveSync.

  9. @ed209robocop It might work. It basically just needs Windows CE. I can’t really add more than that, since I’ve never heard of anyone installing it on a tablet or one with that resolution. I would make sure that you can rescue the device by re-flashing if anything goes wrong.

  10. Wow thats is really cool, a SD card with WIfi, i just found one. I tell you people are becomming so smart with technology these days. Thanks for responding to my questions, i really do appriciate it. Really like this MioPocket. Can you tell me how to install a program? I recently downloaded NAVI Player, really like it in my auto as compared to the media player with Miopocket. seems i can only start it from the SDCard storage tho by the EXE. Can i install it so it will show on the MioMenu?

  11. @RecoveryTTA Create an icon for it in MioPocket by tapping and holding an empty area and choosing “Add Icon.” The Readme explains more if you need it. If, by “MioMenu,” you mean the menu that came with your Mio device, you may be able to by replacing an executable that one of the menu buttons runs, but that’s an issue unrelated to MioPocket, so I’m not the best person to ask.

  12. @Osprey850 Hi there I’ve tryed it, it does not like I think is the resolution it is a bit big, but hay it works well on my hp Ipaq pda thow. Thank’s for your help!

  13. gpsnavigators on March 24th, 2011 at 6:48 pm

    From a wired in fan…

  14. SuicidalClown on April 6th, 2011 at 12:57 am

    Maybe you can help me out, my question is after I use miopocket to my magellan 3030 (only have a micro usb not auxiliary jack) can I use converter like (Genuine ExtUSB to 3.5mm Headphone Jack and Mini USB Adapter) from dealextreme for my car? for speaker and charger?
    will the miopocket recognize the converter. if not, can maybe add a application for that?

  15. Hi , i have the Mio Moov S501 , tell please what are the steps for installing MioPocket 4.0 on my Mio Moov S501 , how i’m doing that , please help

  16. @Osprey850
    Can you please tell me how to free up unused ram? I tried reading the README txt doc. Currently it really didnt free up much memory. The device i am running MP on only has 41MB of Memory. MP flips slow, its really lagging. I have MP running from a 15GB SD Card. It loads fine, WinCe desktop loads, MP loads, when trying to change screens, or apps, its ram runs low. after checking my memory usage at one point, it says i have 7.1mbs free, so MP is using over 33MB. Any ideas?

  17. where can i find gps apps? thanks

  18. hey, I just got an old Navigon GPS (Win CE 5.0) and installed MioPocket on it. Nearly everything works fine (except some .NET apps say they need a newer version of that Framework and the video player only shows color stripes but plays the sound). But if I connect it via USB in ActiveSync mode (the gps first shows “This feature is not supported by your device.” but then lets me select…) to my Linux notebook, it frequently reconnects (about every 10 seconds) so I can’t get a stable connection…

  19. BABYxANGEL809 on May 16th, 2011 at 2:46 am

    where can i get the other gps programs?

  20. tone4life2010 on July 10th, 2011 at 3:05 am


    hello i have a Question I have a mio c320 with mio pocket 4.0 when i click igo or any other gps.it say something like the igo\swtorage card\igo8\igo.exe was not found press ok to edit path to these app.any idea i just want to use miopoket 4.0 for the new gps my mio320 has junk maps,

  21. Thank’s. BUT it is not a guide

  22. 5150entertainment on July 31st, 2011 at 6:28 am

    very impressed i just got it on my mio c320 was just wondering if you can get apps for this such as star gazer??

  23. Great work on coding, I had a quick question in regards to the WIFI enabled setup. I read the “readme” section and the 3 sdwifi cards that work don’t have built in memory. Does this mean I would have to install the version 4 on the mio internal memory if I wanted to go wifi? I really want to use a wifi card with 4-8 gb or memory on the sd. An all in one package? Can this be done?

  24. I’am wondering the samething as @23reasonz and I was also wondering how does ActiveSync work?
    Because I have a SAMSUNG EPIC 4G and if I could sink the internet from the phone on the GPS would be perfect.

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